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Identity theft  

Posted by on Dec 29, 2015

Identity theft  

Identity Theft is shape of the fraud that represents the false representation of another person in the purpose of acquiring the material means or other benefits. This crime is punishable by the law and depending on the type of the fraud the sentence will be determined. Identity theft wasn’t recognized as a crime till the 1998, when Congress made that act and named it as a federal crime.

This crime refers to transfer or use of any kind of identification means of another person, without its consent, in purpose of gaining a financial means or to commit some kind of a crime. If a person commits this kind of a violation, he will be punished according to Federal law.

Identity theft refers to four things.

When a person is a victim of stolen identity, it doesn’t represent the same thing when their money is stolen and credit card raided. The law makes difference between these two things. In the second case when the money is lost, the state puts accent on bank rather than individuals.

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The state founded special institution where identity theft can be reported. The institution takes its job very seriously and resolves cases with high efficiency. The main body of federal government that resolves cases of identity theft is called Federal Trade Commission, and all of the cases of identity theft can be reported here.

State also included higher penalties for identity theft. The highest penalty for this type of a crime is 15 years of prison and very big fines.


Improvement of this law closed all loopholes that previous one had. The previous law didn’t include identity theft as a crime, only possession of false documents and their making was considered as a violation of the law. Most of these violations are prosecuted on state level and state started passing the law that will help the victims.

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